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, and those who fought


editor●, revolutionary.It is a record of e▓xperiences in the famous Tombs P●rison, in New York City, and in ▓the New York City penitentiary on Bl●ackwell's Island—a reco

rd of the● daily happenings of life in a pr●ison, of brutalities and stupidities ▓and abominations; a sordid record, from▓ the pages of which gleam many f


ine human thi▓ngs, the sympathies and kindnesse●s and sacrifices of men thrust by society int●o the dark of prison because ●society was afraid of them. The book ▓begins with the author's imprisonment▓, and ends with his rel


ease or discharge● from prison.It is the tale of his puni▓shment, but it tells nothing of the c▓rime that brought the punish●ment upon him. It is a strange story, that of▓ the circumstances that brought ▓him to prison and a


n unpreced●ented proceeding in the United States, a prose▓cution for libelling an offi●cial of a foreign government.▓ Carlo de Fornaro came to America ▓when he[Pg viii] was a young man.He was ●born in Calcutta, British Indi


▓a, in 1871, of Swiss-Italian parents; and,● determined to be an artist, he studied,

de ▓by side wit

f▓irst architecture in Zurich, then painti▓ng in Munich.But when he ca▓me to Ameri

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ca he found a dearth of art, and wh▓en his talent for caricature was recognize●d, he turned to a newspaper car

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eer. He ●began in Chicago, with the old Times-Her▓ald, but the greatest part o●f his work was done in New Yor●k, on

the Heral

d, the Tel

egraph, the Wo●rld

ontario Tower,LONDON

and the Evening Sun.In 1906 he went to ●Mexico to visit a friend—and ▓he stayed three years. Mexico first inter●est

ed him—th

e people,

the proble▓ms, the

ontario Tower,LONDON

smouldering fire of revol●ution—and then absorbed him.Porfir▓io Diaz was President of Mexico, and a▓pproaching the end

of his lo

ng reign o

f power.F▓ornaro, a

Be Part of a Growing international Community

lways a revolutionary, became inter●ested in politics—a dangerous interest, espe▓cially for a radical opposed to the Diaz rā瘭gime.Assassination and murder and life

ord of the priso

impr▓isonment in dungeons immured from th▓e world were commonplace methods used i●n that day to defeat the purposes o▓f

the opposit

n experien▓ces

ion to the undermi▓ned Diaz dynasty. But Fornaro▓, undeterred, went into politics.[●Pg ix] He chose the way best kno▓

wn to him; he or

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